Find the power of the plants. Give into a taste with no boundaries with Kaliakra.

Food is and inseparable part of people’s lives, but their eating habits change constantly. The younger generation uses more healthy ingredients when preparing their food.

Our goal is to show that due to its natural plant based ingredients, the new KALIAKRA can be a part of the balanced way of life, prepared with various recipes. Our idea is to show people this variety by focusing on one of the most traditional and well-known meals around the world –THE SANDWICH! We want to make people: Enjoy the French charm, Fall in love with Italy, Find the taste of England and Breathe in the aroma of Spain! We release the idea by creating a website, in which we combine all the main interests that the current generation has.

We organized for our client:

  • National campaign mechanism with attractive gifts
  • In-store campaign
  • Indoor and outdoor campaign and branding
  • An event

1113 Sofia , Bulgaria

Izgrev, str. “Elmag” 19 bl. 309 fl. 2

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